PRODUCTION: Ambitious 10 Million Dollar Project The Meaning and Mystery of Life in Postproduction

    The Meaning and Mystery of Life by Petr Vachler The Meaning and Mystery of Life by Petr Vachler

    PRAGUE: Czech director/writer/producer Petr Vachler is in postproduction with The Meaning and Mystery of Life, an ambitious project mixing narrative fiction, documentary and animation, and exploring the fundamental questions of humanity.

    “Is our life a game? Do we enter reality to go through our own dream and to get to know ourselves? Who are we? What is happiness? What is fear and what is love? Are we afraid of ourselves? How many mysteries are there around us? How simple is the truth? What is death and what is birth?”, asks Petr Vachler in a statement.

    The Meaning and Mystery of Life by Petr VachlerA group of well-known personalities of the spiritual and esoteric world (Deepak Chopra, Raymond Moody, Erich von Däniken, Lorna Byrne, Brandon Base, Don Miguel Ruiz, Swami Maheshwarananda, Dan Millman, Masaru Emoto, and nearly 50 other thinkers) have been interviewed worldwide during more than six years.

    The film, which will have a Czech and English language version, is produced by Petr Vachler through VAC - Vachler Art Company and coproduced by Ctirad Hemelík and Karel Janeček.

    “The budget before completion is now over 9.099 m EUR / 10 m USD. We've only benefited from an incentive from the Czech Film Fund, everything else comes from private sources”, Petr Vachler told FNE.

    “We are currently finishing the animation of the main character, working on CGI, composing music, working on sound. The film will be ready in 2020”, Vachler also said.

    The release date is not known yet. The producers are looking for a worldwide distributor.

    Production Information:

    Director and scriptwriter Petr Vachler with actress Andrea Kerestesova-RuzickovaProducer:
    VAC Vachler Art Company (Czech Republic)

    Karel Janeček, Ctirad Hemelík

    Director: Petr Vachler
    Scriptwriter: Petr Vachler
    DOP: Karel Fairaisl
    Editor: Petr Svoboda
    Cast: Jan Budař, Barbora Seidlová, Josef Polášek, Andrea Kerestešová, Vladimír Javorský, Petr Buchta, Theodor Vachler, Aneta Krejčíková, Valerie Vachlerová, Viliam Vachler