Comic-Con Festival 2022 Wraps in Prague


    PRAGUE: The third edition of the Comic-Con Prague Festival, held from 22 to 24 April 2022, culminated with the mayor of Prague appearing in a full-body suit as Iron Man.

    The Comic-Con Prague Festival took place at the O2 Universum Congress Centre. Christopher Lambert, Julian Glover, Cara Buono and Hattie Hayridge were among the guests.

    The Comic-Con Prague Festival is organised by Comic-Con s.r.o., which falls under the control of the non-profit group SFK Avalon.

    The first edition of the Comic-Con Prague was held in February 2020 and the attendance was 23,000 participants. The second edition took place after two rescheduled dates in October 2021, with an attendance of 18,500 participants.