Petr Vachler’s The Meaning and Mystery of Life Prepares for Official Release with 11,000 Admissions in Special Screenings

    The Meaning and Mystery of Life by Petr Vachler The Meaning and Mystery of Life by Petr Vachler credit: Vachler Art Company

    PRAGUE: Special preview screenings of Petr Vachler’s labour of love The Meaning and Mystery of Life have been taking place in cinemas all across the Czech Republic and Slovakia since June 2023, gathering over 11,000 admissions. On 23 November 2023 the film will enter official Czech and Slovak distribution.

    The Meaning and Mystery of Life / Tajemství a smyslživota combines animation with live-action and documentary. Renowned spiritual figures, scientists and philosophers such as Deepak Chopra, Raymond Moody or Stanislav Grof gave interviews about humankind's most crucial topics: the meaning of life, love, death or memory.

    „I tested the film on many people including students, old people, scientists and esotericists. Some have already seen the film five times and still say they would go again. I hope they are not making fun of me. Someone told me that it is not a film but an event. Many say they have never seen anything like it. I have distanced myself from the film now and let everyone think what they want“, Petr Vachler told FNE in July 2023.

    The film features such actors as Jan Budař, Josef Polášek, Barbora Seidlová or Andrea Růžičková, as well as an animated bumblebee.

    The film’s production took over 10 years. The overall budget was approximately 9.4 m EUR. Petr Vachler produced through Vachler Art Company. Ctirad Hemelík and Karel Janeček were the coproducers.

    Falcon and Itafilm will distribute the film in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, respectively.

    Petr Vachler co-founded the Czech Film and Television Academy, which awards the Czech Lions. He has created several TV programmes and debuted in feature film with the Christmas black comedy Over and Over Again! / Doblba! (2005, produced by Vachler Art Company).

    The 6-episode docuseries Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified (2021) directed and co-written by Vachler together with Jan Stehlik aired on Netflix and Sky History.