Grapes 2 finishes shooting

By Irena Zemanová

    The sequel to a Czech comedy hit, Grapes 2 (Bobule 2) by director Vlad Lanné and screenwriter Tomáš Holeček finished shooting on Sunday, July 19, distribution and production company Bioscop (www.bioscop.cz) announced.

    Post-production on the "wine comedy" takes place in August and September, and the world release of the movie is set for October 22, Adam Dvořák, producer of the movie and general director of Bioscop Company, said.

    The budget is CZK 25 million (1 million Euros). Shooting took place primarily in the vineyards of South Moravia, where the story of two young wine-growers is set.

    Grapes 2 is the sequel to a 2008 smash hit Grapes Bobule by director Tomáš Bařina. Although Grapes was a debut for the young director, it was surprisingly successful at Czech cinemas with over 350,000 admissions since its premiere in March, 2008. Box office was over CZK 34 million (1.3 million Euros), according to the Czech Union of Film Distributors (www.ufd.cz).

    The film is produced by Dvořák and Tomáš Vican, a well-known Czech wine merchant and wine events producer.

    Grapes 2 brings back the cast of the first movie: popular young Czech actors Lukáš Langmajer and Kryštof Hádek play the main characters of Jirka and Honza. The cast also includes Lubomír Lipský, Miroslav Táborský, Marian Roden and Václav Postránecký.


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