PRODUCTION: Veiwegh's Novel for Men begins filming

By Irena Zemanova

    A Novel for Men based on the latest novel from Czech bestselling author Michal Viewegh begins shooting on March 12, producer Rudolf Biermann from Infilm (www.infilm.cz) announced.

    The film is coproducer by RWE energy company (www.rwe.cz) along with Nova TV (www.nova.cz) and distribution company Bontonfilm (www.bontonfilm.cz). The budget is CZK 28 million (1.1 million euros).

    Director Tomáš Bařina, whose debut Grapes produced by Adan Dvořák´s Bioscop company (www.bioscop.cz) was a hit in Czech cinemas in 2008, will shoot Novel for Men not only in Prague, and in the Slovak Tatra mountains in March and April.

    Michal Viewegh wrote the screenplay based on his book himself. "I'm not a screenwriter at all, but on the other hand, adapting my own book into a screenplay helps me a lot with keeping in touch with the production," Viewegh told FNE.

    "We hope that Novel for Men will be as succesful as its film predecessors based on Viewegh´s books, such as Novel for Women (2005 hit by director Filip Renč, with over 550,000 admissions) or The Trippers (2006 from director Jiří Vejdělek and distribution company Bontonfilm, www.bontonfilm.cz )," Biermann said to FNE.

    The cast includes popular actors Miroslav Donutil, who plays the lead role of a cynical judge, and Jan Budař, along with rising young Slovak actress Táňa Pauhofová.

    The world release of Novel for Men is scheduled for September 22, 2010.


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