PRODUCTON: Leaving prepares for June filming

By FNE Staff

    Former Czech president and renowned playwright Vaclav Havel announced he will begin shooting his film directing debut, Leaving (based on his stage play) in June.

    The film stars Havel's wife, Dagmar Havlova along with noted Czech actors Josef Abrham, Jaroslav Dusek, and Eva Holubova.

    Leaving, Havel's first play since 1989, was first produced at Prague's avant garde Archa Theatre two years ago. The script references King Lear and Anton Chekhov's Cherry Orchard and deals with the topic of loss of power.

    The film is produced by Radka Kadlecova and her company Radka Production (www.radkaproduction.cz), formerly Spined Prague Productions (www.ispenel.cz)