Russian/Estonian Doc Wins EFCA Award

    How Big is the Galaxy by Ksenia Elyan How Big is the Galaxy by Ksenia Elyan

    TALLINN: How Big is the Galaxy by Ksenia Elyan, a Russian/Estonian coproduction, won the EFCA Doc Award 2020, presented by the European Children’s Film Association.

    The 72-minute film offers an insight into the Dolgan community, one of the last indigenous communities pursuing their traditional nomadic lifestyle in the north of Siberia. Seven-year-old Zakhar and his older brother Prokopy are the protagonists of the film, which observes their introduction to schooling against the backdrop of their parents’ daily lives of herding reindeer and fishing.

    The film was coproduced by Max Tuula and Maria Gavrilova of the Tallinn-based company Marx Film, and Alexander Rastorguev of Black and White Cinema.

    Eighteen festivals focused on films for children and youth host the ECFA Award jury, including festivals from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland and Slovakia.