FESTIVALS: Tallinn Film Festival 2021 Exempted from Potential New COVID Restrictions


    TALLINN: The government of Estonia announced on 5 November 2021 that it is granting an exemption from any additional health restrictions to the Tallinn Film Festival. The festival begins on 12 November and runs through 28 November.

    The decision means that the festival can hold screenings until 11 p.m. and can continue to employ the minimum number of staff to run the festival. The Estonian government is discussing further restrictions if the current regulations are insufficient. Estonia has seen a recent increase in COVID-19 cases.

    In issuing its decision, the government cited the damage that further restrictions would have on the country’s reputation as well as the possibility of legal action by the festival’s international and national partner organisations. The festival and accompanying events are expected to draw some 1,000 international guests.