FNE at Baltic Event 2021: Tallinn Presents Eight Baltic Works in Progress


    TALLINN: Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event have announced the eight titles to be presented in the 2021 Baltic Event Works in Progress industry programme, which runs 23-24 November 2021.

    This section focuses on regional productions from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland. Three Estonian productions are in the mix, with three from Latvia, and one each from Lithuania and Finland. Five of the films are from female directors. All films in the works in progress programmes are either in production or in post-production.

    The third film from Estonian entrepreneur and investment fund manager Rain Rannu, Child Machine, a sci-fi film produced by Rannu’s company Tallifornia, is among the productions.

    Baltic Event Works in Progress line-up:

    Child Machine (Estonia)
    Director: by Rain Rannu
    Production company: Tallifornia

    Dark Paradise (Estonia, France)
    Director: Triin Ruumet
    Production companies: Three Brothers (Estonia), Chevaldextrois (France)

    Keep Smiling, Mom! (Latvia)
    Director: Elza Gauja
    Production company: Riverbed

    Light Light Light (Finland)
    Director: Inari Niemi
    Production company: Lucy Loves Drama Oy

    Parade (Lithuania)
    Director: Titas Laucius
    Production company: afterschool production

    Sisters (Latvia, Italy)
    Director: Linda Olte
    Production companies: Fenixfilm (Latvia), Albolina Film (Italy)

    Soviet Milk (Latvia)
    Director: Ināra Kolmane
    Production companies: Film Studio DEVIŅI

    Stairway to Heaven (Estonia)
    Director: Mart Kivastik
    Production company: Filmivabrik