Piret Hartman Appointed as New Estonian Minister of Culture


    TALLINN: The president of Estonia Alar Karis appointed Piret Hartman as new Estonian Minister of Culture on 18 July

    Piret Hartman, credit Kadri PurjeHartman, born in 1981, has been a member of the Estonian Social Democratic Party since 2012 and has previously worked as an advisor for Indrek Saar, one of the previous Ministers of Culture, and as the Vice-Chancellor of Diversity in the Ministry of Culture since 2021.

    Unless she is re-appointed, she can fill the minister’s position for eight months, until the next parliamentary election in 2023. In an interview for the newspaper Postimees, she mentioned that she considers this period long enough to bring about some change. The task is made easier by the fact that Hartman is a long-time employee of the Ministry of Culture and is familiar with the themes and people in her professional field.