Georgia Connect Plans Massive Outreach Campaign to Promote Filming in Georgia


    TBILISI: Georgia Connect, which is an agency that promotes filming opportunities in Georgia launched by the producer Nika Apriashvili in Berlin in February 2021, plans a massive outreach campaign to promote shooting in Georgia.

    “While the country has seen a rise in local and international productions in the recent past, Georgia still has to take the prominent place on the map of filming destinations in Europe, overcoming rivals such as Lithuania, Estonia and the Czech Republic. The agency plans a massive outreach campaign, reaching virtually all the production houses and presenting the pros of expanding their sets to a country that can offer everything, from diverse locations, to professional crews and a tax credit”, Project Manager Nika Apriashvili told FNE.

    Georgia Connect offers production services, postproduction and, in some cases, coproduction participation for German and European producers in Georgia.

    Productions in Georgia can apply for a tax rebate of 20+5% on qualified local expenditures, including postproduction and international crew and talent. An additional rebate of up to 5% is available if a production promotes Georgia by meeting the Cultural Test.

    Nika Apriashvili has worked as a producer on Landmine Goes Click (2015) directed by Levan Bakhia and produced by Sarke Studio, The Search (2014) by Michel Hazanavicius, and Kanche (2015) by Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi.