National Film Institute – Hungary Studios in Fót Set to Open in 2024

    National Film Institute – Hungary Studios in Fót Set to Open in 2024 source: NFI - Hungary

    BUDAPEST: The largest state-funded studio development of all time supported by the National Film Institute – Hungary (NFI) and consisting of four new studios and service facilities, is currently under construction in Fót, a film production base operating since the 70s. The construction started in 2021 and is set to wrap by the first half of 2024.

    The development will increase the capacity of the Fót film production base five fold up to 12,582 square metres, according to a press release by NFI.

    Two of the four new studios can be opened together, thus approximately 5,000 square metres can be available in one unit. Additionally, the site will be expanded with a 3,000 square metres office building, restaurants, and 7,300 square metres storage capacity, while the existing buildings, road and utility network will be renovated.

    "With the rise of streaming content, film production spending has been steadily increasing in recent years, and based on a preliminary summary, spending in 2022 will bring another 20% increase. Expanding the capacity of the domestic studio provides a competitive advantage in the international environment and also facilitates the service of Hungarian productions made with state support, thus putting the performance of the Film Institute's public service activities into a new perspective," Csaba Káel, the government's commissioner responsible for the development of the Hungarian motion picture industry and the president of the National Film Institute – Hungary, said in a statement.