Hungexpo Studios: New Film Studio in Budapest City Centre

    Hungexpo Studios: New Film Studio in Budapest City Centre credit: Hungexpo Budapest

    BUDAPEST: Hungexpo Budapest, originally an exhibition and event site, now also serves the film industry with its studios and locations for international productions. Since 2020 it has been dedicating its three large halls for film production due to rising interest and demand.

    The studios are available in different sizes from 900 to 9.500 sqm and they've already housed several of the latest Hollywood blockbuster productions. In 2022 the venue was booked for 362 days out of the year.  

    Various locations can be found in a private, secured area surrounded with large parking capacity: a modern office building, ’Retrostyle’ facilities from the 70’s to 90’srestaurant kitchenlarge lobby settings for hotels or airports and industrial style technical areas.

    Hungexpo is located in the city centre of Budapest, only 10-15 minutes from the downtown hotels and with ample parking capacity.

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