Hungarian 3D animation Egill in production

By Zsolt Gyenge

    Áron Gauder, director of the internationally successful feature animation, Nyócker (The District) is in an advanced phase of his new project, a 3D animation with a complex visual world, Egill, the Last Pagan.

    The film presents the adventures of an aggressive viking from Iceland. The filmmakers have been working on it since 2005. In August the crew began working on the motion capture shooting.

    Producers Erik Novák and Tamás Liszkai are looking for a world sales agency to represent the movie and said the screening of the preview at the Cannes Film Festival produced positive feedback. Both the Hungarian and English dubbing are completed. In the English version Michael Madsen voices the main character.

    Egill, the Last Pagan which has a budget of 3.2 million euros is planned to be released in cinemas in the second half of 2011 and is produced by Lichthof Productions Ltd. (http://www.lichthof.hu/).

    Production details:

    Egill, the Last Pagan

    Budget: 3.2 million euros

    Lichthof Productions Ltd.

    Address: H-1013 Budapest Attila út 31.

    Tel: +3630-9422-124

    Fax: +361-210-02-70

    Web: www.egillmovie.com

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.