PRODUCTION: Lithuanian Director Vytautas V Landsbergis Shooting The Poet

    PRODUCTION: Lithuanian Director Vytautas V Landsbergis Shooting The Poet Vytautas Kazimieras Juozėnas

    VILNIUS: A well-known Lithuanian writer and film director Vytautas V Landsbergis, along with newcomer Giedrius Tamoševičius, is currently shooting the historical drama The Poet/Poetas, a true story about the betrayal of Lithuanian partisans.

    It is the story of a double-agent, a talented poet who was kicked out from the Lithuanian SSR writer’s union for anti-Soviet literature, and recruited by the KGB to establish contact with the partisans. For this betrayal, he was promised a return to the Soviet Lithuanian elite strata. But paradoxically, even when he was a Soviet agent, once he ended up in the forest, he managed to “forget himself” and wrote great partisan poems, anti-Soviet satires, and songs. Only later, caught once again by the KGB, one more time he agreed to betray the partisans who became his friends.

    Vytautas V Landsbergis has created six films about Lithuanian partisans, Tricolour/Trispaslvis  was nominated for the Silver Crane Award (2014, Lithuania) as the best documentary of the year,

    Landbergis said, „The script of The Poet was written based on a painful and paradoxical story, which happened in the life of a famous writer and leader of partisans. These two characters will be reborn with the nicknames of Kipšas and Tauras“.

    The cast includes Dainius Gavenonis, Paulius Markevičius, and Vidas Petkevičius.

    Principle photography started on 11 June 2021 and lasted one month. It took place mainly in Vilnius and the Anykščiai region. It will completed in 2021 December, in Merkinė.

    The picture received production funding from Lithuanian Film Centre in the amount of 600,000 EUR. The crowdfunding campaign attracted more than 17,500 EUR and it will run till the end of the year.

    The theatrical release is planned for 2022.

    Production information:
    A Propos Studija
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    Director and scriptwriter: Vytautas V.Landsbergis and Giedrius Tamoševičius
    DoP: Vytautas Plūkas, Povilas Baltinas
    Cast: Dainius Gavenonis, Paulius Markevičius, Vidas Petkevičius.