Macedonian Cinemas Allowed to Run with 50% Occupancy

    Cinema Manaki Bitola Cinema Manaki Bitola

    SKOPJE: The Macedonian Government has removed the 30 percent restriction on cinema halls and allowed up to 50 percent of indoor audiences, as the COVID-19 spread has eased across the country over the past month.

    These relaxations apply to cinemas, theatres, the Philharmonic and other events. A new condition has been introduced upon all visitors to be vaccinated with two doses of the vaccine against COVID-19.

    The country witnessed an unprecedented surge of cases and deaths during the last wave of the coronavirus in August and September 2021. The situation seems to be improving over the past few weeks, allowing the government to ease the measures.

    From 6 August to 14 October 2021, the country reported 40,208 infected, and 25% of them were fully vaccinated, i.e 10,066 infected. As of 18 October 2021, 38% of the entire population in the country is vaccinated, and 35% of the population in the country received two doses of the vaccine.

    These new measures were implemented on 13 October 2021.