Malta Awaits Approval of Larger Cash Rebate


    The Malta Film Commission has announced that its cash rebate for filmmakers will be increased to a total of 27 percent, subject to government approval.

    The new system would grant a 25 percent cash rebate on qualified eligible expenditure. An additional 2 percent cash rebate is available to productions that feature a Maltese cultural element. Post-production is also an eligible cost with a cap of 150,000 EUR, and rebates are extended to international TV series and transmedia production.

    The new rebate is a 5 percent increase over the previous incentives. In addition, Malta has launched a coproduction equity fund. The combined funding incentives are part of an effort from the government of Malta to continue to attract international productions and to develop its local film industry. The 27 percent cash rebate would make it one of the highest in Europe.