FESTIVALS: Malta Short Film Festival 2014 Winners


    VALLETTA: Luxembourg director Eric Lamhene has been awarded the top prize of the International Malta Short Film Festival which spans 10 weeks from July to September every year.

    malta-short-ff-2014-awardsPrizes also went to two Maltese films: James Moffett won the Local Director section with his short film Inertia, produced by Clueless Films, while Matt Stroud won the Animation category with his 3D computer animated short Dark Places.

    The festival is remarkable for it's unusual venue - TVM,  Malta's national TV station, from which the short films and discussions surrounding them are all broadcast live. The films are also streamed live on the internet, on TVM's website.

    The Malta Short Film Festival is supported by the Malta Arts Fund, the Local Culture Initiative Fund, Studio Seven, Radisson Blu Resort and TVM.

    Contact information:

    The Malta Short Film Festival: http://www.maltashortfilmfest.com , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.