Foreign Productions Flock to Malta

    Dustin Hoffman in Luck (2011) Dustin Hoffman in Luck (2011)

    VALLETTA: An American blockbuster starring Dustin Hoffman could be shot in Malta later this year. Malta Film Commission has neither confirmed nor denied the information, but announces instead the shooting of Immediate Boarding, a French comedy by Philippe de Chauveron, for September 2015.

    According to The Malta Independent, Malta Film Commission has not confirmed the information regarding Dustin Hoffman yet. “Three more films are slated for this year, but before releasing any information about them we have to get clearance from the studios”, Film Commissioner Engelbert Grech said to the Maltese press.

    Instead, MFC announced on 26 August 2015 that Immediate Boarding is produced by UGC with Small Island Films providing local services. With the support of the Malta Film Commission, Philippe visited Malta in 2014 in order to develop his script around various locations on the island. Malta will be featured extensively in the film. The release is set for October 2016.