USA's Romancing the Cure Wraps Filming in Malta

    Malta film studios Malta film studios credit: Malta Film Commission

    VALLETTA: The US film Romancing the Cure directed by Matt Shapira has just wrapped shooting in Malta.

    A large percentage of the production budget was spent in Malta, with around 75 percent of the crew employed being locals. The film, which was serviced by Pellikola Ltd, was shot on location for three weeks, wrapping on 28 November 2020.

    The film tells the story of former detective Colton Riggs, who retires to Malta, where he buys a Maltese traditional boat – known as luzzu - and begins to give water tours of the island. In so doing, Riggs stumbles upon a secret formula which will cure the world of disease, but has to contend with evil forces striving to take it for themselves.

    Riggs is played by David A.R. White, with the rest of the ensemble cast consisting of Golden Globe nominee Steven Bauer, Jeff Fahey, Lauriane GIlleron, Matthew Marsden and Andre Claude (Vikings and Game of Thrones).

    The Maltese production company Pellikola Ltd was founded by line producer Oliver Mallia.