PRODUCTION: New Animated Film from George the Hedgehog Creators


    WARSAW:  Animation directors Tomasz Leśniak, Jakub Tarkowski and Wojtek Wawszczyk are working on Tim and The Master, an adaptation of a graphic novel by Rafał Skarżycki (script) and Tomasz Lew (graphics). 

    The script follows the adventures of a young student and his magician master who educates him on how to become a wizard. The project is a departure from the more mature style of the trio’s previous award-winning animated film George the Hedgehog (www.paisafilms.pl) and is destined for a younger, family audience.

    The film is produced by SPInka Film Studio and the animators include Jakub Rebelka and Anna Błaszczyk. Work on the film began in spring of 2012. The Polish Film Institute supported production with 292,700 PLN during the first financing session of 2013. 

    Production information:

    SPInka Film
    Puławska 435A
    02-801 Warszawa, mazowieckie
    +48 (35) 674 00
    +35 (67) 401
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    teaser trailer on youtube.