TVP to Coproduce Documentary Series with Chinese TV Chengdu Radio & Television


    WARSAW: Polish public broadcaster TVP and CDRTV China’s TV Chengdu Radio & Television are coproducing an eight-episode documentary series about Polish and Chinese economic relations.

    The series will be the first major documentary Polish/Chinese coproduction and is the first of many planned joint projects, which are a result of a co-operation agreement signed by the two broadcasters in May 2017 during the Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair held at Chengdu.

    TVP and CDRTV will sign the final coproduction agreement by the end of 2017, with production planned for 2018. The series will follow the Chinese policy of the New Silk Trail and its consequences for co-operation between Poland and China.

    "This is a crucial project for TVP. It will be the first serious documentary coproduction between China and Poland, where we will present selected Polish companies and their products, which could result in finding new clients for them on the Chinese market," TVP Vice-President Maciej Stanecki told FNE. "The bilateral benefit will be to introduce the Polish and Chinese viewers to the culture of our countries. It is a first step to the closer co-operation in the fields of culture and media,” he adds.