Kino Polska To Launch VOD Service


    WARSAW: Polish private broadcaster Kino Polska plans to launch its own VOD service that would showcase its original content.

    “We are verifying the content and we are checking which archives we have at our disposal. It will be a concept similar to Kino Polska TV, only more expanded, including our unique productions and never published interviews with the most famous Polish artists. It will be a concept very similar to the TV channel itself and the website itself will also be dedicated mainly to Polish content”, Bogusław Kisielewski, President of Kino Polska TV and Stopklatka, said in a statement.

    “Nonlinear message (VOD) is the future of the market as well as OTT (over-the-top) services. We want to focus on these two areas in the coming years. We want to be part of larger websites, providing titles or title packs, and to be present as separate parts of these websites”, Kisielewski also said.

    In October 2019 Kino Polska also announced its plans to invest over 4.6 m EUR / 20 m PLN in feature film production, with five big projects already in the works.

    The company currently offers its channels FilmBox Live and FilmBox as On Demand services. 

    In 2019 the Kino Polska TV capital group, owned by SPI International, noted a 29.9% increase in sales income, which was 30.8 m EUR / 132.9 m PLN with significant income increases from TV channels Zoom TV and Stopklatka, that are part of the group.