Poland Supports 26 Projects With Over 12 m EUR Under Its Incentive Scheme


    WARSAW: The Polish Film Institute granted over 12 m EUR to 16 national and 10 international projects as part of the incentive scheme that was introduced in Poland in February 2019. The call for applications is ongoing and the 2020 budget allocated to support audiovisual production is up to EUR 50,2 million.

    “We are satisfied with the first effects of the incentive system”, said Radosław Śmigulski, the General Director of the Polish Film Institute. “Over the last six months we spent 12 m EUR to support the audiovisual production, while the amount of expenses incurred in Poland under the co-financed projects reached 50 m EUR. This is a real profit for the Polish economy”, Śmigulski also said.

    A total of 26 projects received support, including four international coproductions such as Mission Ulja Funk, a German/Luxembourg/Polish family comedy/road film directed by Barbara Kronenberg and produced by In Good Company in coproduction with Samsa Film and ShipsBoy); the Polish/Czech drama Leave No Traces directed by Jan P. Matuszyński and produced by Aurum Film in coproduction with Background Films; The Masseur directed by Małgorzata Szumowska and produced by her company Nowhere together with Match Factory Production (Germany); and Other People, a contemporary hip-hop musical directed by Aleksandra Trepińska and produced by Mandants in coproduction with Warner Bros. Studio. 

    Click HERE to see the full list of supported projects.

    For information on how to apply and benefit from the scheme check out FNE guide:

    PART I: Application and Eligibility
    PART II: How to Apply?
    PART III: Reimbursement