FNE at Gdynia Polish FF 2021: The Passage

    The Passage by Dorota Lamparska The Passage by Dorota Lamparska

    GDYNIA: Dorota Lamparska’s debut feature The Passage will be showcased in the main competition of the Gdynia Film Festival, taking place 20-25 September 2021. The film deals with the issues of passing and grief.

    A storm causes damage to a bridge that connects the world of the living with the world of the dead, so the information about Maria’s own death reaches her with delay. She leaves for work as if nothing has happened, but people around her start ignoring her. However, her loved ones can see her. Not knowing what to do, Maria goes back to her mother’s house, the place she had left when still alive, where she finds out that her body has been already delivered and traditional rituals have begun.

    “I want to tell an unrealistic story in a realistic way, I like that convention. I would like my film to be an important film not only for me”, said director Dorota Lamparska, who also has scriptwriting credits for this film.

    The cast includes Wiktoria Gorodeckaja, Agnieszka Manadat, Aleksandra Justa, Konrad Kąkol and Jan Peszek. 

    Andrzej Stachecki is the producer through V-Film in coproduction with TVP, Dolnośląskie Centrum Filmowe, the Wajda Studio, Studio Fonograf, and New Wave, with the support of the Polish Film Institute. The budget was approximately 650,000 EUR / 3 m PLN. 

    The distributor and the premiere date have not been announced yet. 

    Production Information:

    V-Film (Poland)
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    TVP (Poland)
    Dolnośląskie Centrum Filmowe (Poland)
    Wajda Studio (Poland)
    Studio Fonograf (Poland)
    New Wave (Poland)

    Director: Dorota Lamparska
    Screenwriter: Dorota Lamparska
    DoP: Jolanta Dylewska
    Cast: Wiktoria Gorodeckaja, Agnieszka Manadat, Aleksandra Justa, Konrad Kąkol, Jan Peszek