Gdynia Polish Film Festival Competition spotlight: Silence

By Katarzyna Grynienko

Based on a true story, Sławomir Pstrong's debut film Silence explores the lives of families who lost their children in a tragic accident. The film will premiere at the Gdyia festival (www.fpff.pl) before going on to other film festival screenings.

{mosimage} In 2003, a group of Polish high school students set out to fulfill their dream of climbing Mount Rysy when a surprise avalanche killed eight members of the excursion. The film looks the parents who had lost their children, and the emptiness and above all the struggle to live "after". Each of them has a different way of coping with the suffering, as they unknowingly drift apart.

Pstrong, a young Polish screenwriter and director of short and documentary films as well as television series and commercials, has been working working for one of the biggest Polish private broadcasters TVN for the last four years. His graduation film T-Rex was awarded with the Jańcio Wodnik Prize in 2004 and the Brown Tadpole Award at the 2003 Camerimage Festival.

The film was shot between March and June 2009 in Zakopane and Cracow. Silence is produced by TVN Television (www.tvn.pl) with a budget of 3 million PLN.

{mosimage} Crew:

Director - Sławomir Pstrong

Screenwriter - Kaśka Śliwińska-Kłosowicz, Marek Kłosowicz

Cinematographer - Przemysław Kamiński

Production manager - Maciej Znajdek-Znaniewski

Set design - Grzegorz Skawiński

Music - Jarosław Januszewicz

Producer - Marek Kłosowicz

Production company - TVN

{mosimage} Cast:

Edyta Olszówka

Marcin Perchuć

Przemysław Sadowski

Olga Frycz

Mateusz Banasiuk

Antoni Królikowski

Paweł Królikowski

{mosimage} Matylda Baczyńska

Production contact:


Ul. Wiertnicza 166

02-952 Warszawa