FNE at Connecting Cottbus: Images of Love


    COTTBUS: Pink, a relatively new company with an eye toward international productions, teams up with Polish director Tomasz Winski on his debut feature, Images of Love. Producer Radovan Sibrt and Winski pitched the project at Connecting Cottbus on 9 November 2017.

    The film, a drama about a successful young couple who choose a life filled with virtual reality instead of the challenges of real life, is budgeted at 750,000 EUR. It received development funding from the Czech State Cinematography Fund. The producers are looking for coproduction partners from neighboring territories (Slovakia, Poland, Germany). Winski, a 2010 graduate of FAMU in Prague, developed the script at the EKRAN+ Training Programme of the Andrzej Wajda Film School.

    Winski is working on the third draft of the script. The film will apply for funding in spring 2018.

    Pink is currently coproducing the documentary When War Comes directed by Jan Gebert for HBO Europe and it is developing a historical series with Iranian director Mohammadreza Farzad as well as the fiction feature debut of documentary filmmaker Adina Pintilie. Sibrt told FNE that the company has been making commercials. He first teamed up with Winski when the two were students together at FAMU.


    Director: Tomasz Winski
    Writers: Tomasz Winski, Petra Hulova, Hana Vagnerova
    Producer: Radovan Sibrt