FNE at Connecting Cottbus 2022: Spite

    Spite by Andrijana Stojković Spite by Andrijana Stojković source: coco

    COTTBUS: Serbian company BaBoon Production teams up with Montenegrin coproducer Open Box on Spite, a dramatic mystery written and directed by Andrijana Stojković. The project was presented at connecting cottbus, the East-West pitching forum held 9 – 11 November 2022.

    The ghosts of the 10-year-long war that tore apart former Yugoslavia still hover over the country and its filmmakers, as evidenced in the story at the heart of Spite. Ivan, a veteran of the war in Bosnia, is on a secret nighttime visit to see his young daughter when he meets the ghost of a Syrian man, Basset, a victim of the war in his own country. Ivan holds Basset prisoner, growing weaker as he mistreats the Syrian. The Syrian escapes, waving a farewell to Ivan before Ivan reunites with his daughter.

    The film will be shot on the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia, and producer Mirko Bojović is in negotiations with a coproducer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The filmmakers are also looking for coproducers from Western Europe, especially from Portugal, with plans to work with Stojković’s long-term collaborators, DoP João Ribeiro and sound designer Vasco Pimentel, as well as other high production capacity countries for help with postproduction.

    The 1,265,820 EUR film has secured 226,670 EUR in financing, with development and production support from Film Center Serbia. The film won Best Project in Development at CineLink in 2020.

    Stojković is known as a documentary filmmaker, with one feature film among her credits. Bojović co-founded BaBoon Production in 2007. Their films have received awards at numerous international festivals, including two prizes at Venice.

    Production Information:

    BaBoon Production (Serbia)

    Open Box (Montenegro)

    Director: Andrijana Stojković
    Scriptwriter: Andrijana Stojković
    DoP: João Ribeiro
    Designer: Vasco Pimentel