Eurimages Gives Coproduction Support to 14 Projects from FNE Partner Countries


    STRASBOURG: Fourteen projects produced or coproduced by FNE partner countries are among the 32 projects receiving coproduction support from Eurimages, whose last results were announced on 3 April 2023.

    These 14 titles include new projects by Agnieszka Holland, Peter Kerekes, Levan Koguashvili and Karolis Kaupinis, among others.

    Projects from FNE Partner Countries Receiving Coproduction Support from Eurimages on 3 April 2023:

    Catane (Romania, Italy) 150,000 EUR
    Directed by Ioana Mischie

    DJ Ahmet (North Macedonia, Czech Republic, Serbia) 160,000 EUR
    Directed by Georgi Unkovski

    Flow (Latvia, France, Belgium)  400,000 EUR Animated film
    Directed by Gints Zilbalodis

    Guria (Georgia, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Bulgaria, Turkey)  210,000 EUR  
    Directed by Levan Koguashvili

    Hunger Strike Breakfast (Lithuania, Czech Republic, Latvia) 180,000 EUR  
    Directed by Karolis Kaupinis

    I Accidentally Wrote a Book (Hungary, the Netherlands) 450,000 EUR  
    Directed by Nóra Lakos

    It Would Be My Dream (Czech Republic, Slovakia) 235,000 EUR  
    Directed by Ondřej Provaznik

    Leonora in the Morning Light (Germany, Mexico, Romania) 360,000 EUR  
    Directed by Lena Vurma, Thor Klein

    Little Thief (Czech Republic, Slovakia) 134,000 EUR  
    Directed by Ondřej Hudeček

    Orenda (Finland, Estonia, Sweden) 250,000 EUR  
    Directed by Pirjo Honkasalo

    Silent Observers (Bulgaria, Germany) 53,500 EUR Documentary
    Directed by Eliza Petkova

    The Green Border (Poland, France, Czech Republic, Belgium)   380,000 EUR  
    Directed by Agnieszka Holland

    The Souls (the Netherlands, Estonia)  440,000 EUR  
    Directed by Tallulah H. Schwab

    Wishing on a Star (Italy, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia) 75,000 EUR Documentary
    Directed by Peter Kerekes

    Click HERE to see the full list of supported projects.