Anniversary 20th Edition of Arthouse Cinema Training Wraps in Berlin

    Anniversary 20th Edition of Arthouse Cinema Training Wraps in Berlin credit: CICAE

    BERLIN: The 20th edition of the Arthouse Cinema Training organised by C.I.C.A.E. was successfully wrapped in Berlin on 5 November 2023 after seven days. The Arthouse Cinema Training is the only programme of its kind, focusing on global capacity building, fostering intercultural exchange and international connection across the arthouse sector and beyond.

    After running in Venice for 19 years, this year the Arthouse Cinema Training welcomed in Berlin 48 participants from 20 countries and five continents, as well as more than 20 trainers from 10 countries.

    The renowned initiative hosted by the vibrant venue of Holzmarkt gathered arthouse exhibitors and industry experts for an intensive programme of talks, panels and interactive workshops surrounding arthouse cinema exhibition.

    The workshop provided everything about arthouse screenings, including talks on business planning, programming and audience development, Ai.I. and data, sustainability and green cinema, diversity equity and inclusion, team management, young audiences and eventisation, among others.

    The networking opportunities and building lasting connections between participants were also an important aspect of the event, which also included case studies of outstanding projects from around the world around the above topics.

    Also part of the programme was a one-week group project in which participants worked in individual groups. Accompanied by experienced tutors of the sector they developed a concept for a cinema that was presented on 5 November 2023 before receiving their certificates.

    The 20th Arthouse Cinema Training was made possible through the generous support, vision and initiative of its funders: Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, The Berlin Senate Chancellery, FFA, CNC, and partners MUBI and Comscore (which both also sent the trainers Lysann Windisch and Bernd Zickert). The training also cooperates with Media Salles and LUX Award.

    The Arthouse Cinema Training, which boasts over 1000 alumni from about 60 countries, remains a unique experience and source of knowledge and connection for the sector.

    Click HERE for more information about the 20th edition of the Arthouse Cinema Training.

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