FNE at TIFF Pitch Stop: The Empty House

    The Empty House Rati Tsiteladze The Empty House Rati Tsiteladze credit: ArtWay Film

    CLUJ-NAPOCA: Georgian director Rati Tsiteladze and producer Nino Varsimashvili of ArtWay Film won the Transilvania IFF (TIFF) Pitch Stop 30,000 EUR Eurimages Coproduction Development Award for their project for their harrowing drama The Empty House.

    The script, a coming of age story set in the early 1990’s in war-torn Georgia, co-written by Tsiteladze and Varsimashvili, is currently in development. The central character is an 11-year-old girl whose dreams of an ideal family life are shattered when her father returns after spending seven years in prison. A child who plays with dolls is prematurely forced into womanhood.

    The project was selected for the Cannes Cinefondation residency. The producers have lined up 105,000 EUR of the film's 700,000 EUR budget. Along with seeking coproducers to provide technical support and equipment, the filmmakers are also looking for a foreign DoP.

    The team previously collaborated on the 2016 film Deda, the recipient of seven international festival awards.

    Production information:

    ArtWay Film
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    Director: Rati Tsiteladze
    Writters: Rati Tsiteladze, Nino Varsimashvili
    Producers: Rati Tsiteladze, Nino Varsimashvili