Romanian COVID Pandemic Feature Film Is an Online Hit

    Nine Stories of Love and Hate in Isolation by Dan Chișu Nine Stories of Love and Hate in Isolation by Dan Chișu

    BUCHAREST: The Romanian COVID pandemic feature film Nine Stories of Love and Hate in Isolation / Nouă povești de dragoste și ură in izolare by Dan Chișu had 15,000 viewers at its online premiere on 10 May 2020. This no budget feature film was shot with mobile phones by the actors themselves in a span of one week.

    The number of viewers reached approximately 15,000 on YouTube and approximately 10,000 on Facebook within two days.

    Chișu told FNE that after publication of an exclusive production story about the film on FNE Daily, there was tremendous interest with international film festivals including the Black Nights IFF, the Kino Pavasaris IFF in Vilnius and the IFF Love Is Folly in Varna getting in touch with him.

    Nine Stories of Love and Hate in Isolation tells the story of a film director (played by Dan Chișu himself) who is trying to convince a bunch of actors to film themselves at home while playing parts that he has written for them. Chișu wrote the stories, but the actors were free to add or cut the text to their needs.

    “I produced through DaKINO Production, together with all the people involved, but the budget was zero. Nobody received any money, but we did pay for the beers that one actor had to drink and another actor’s cigarettes,” Chișu told FNE.

    The cast included Dan Chișu, Andrei Huțuleac, Alex Bogdan, Cătălina Mihai, Codin Maticiuc, Ana Pandeli, Raluca Aprodu, Tudor Istodor, Diana Cavaliotti, Silvana Mihai, Corina Moise, Ana Radu, Costin Dogioiu, Alex Pavel, Ilona Brezoianu, Adrian Titieni, Judith State, Emanuel Pârvu, Adrian Silișteanu, Elena Voineag, Radu Dumitriu, Alex Pintică and Marius Leftărache.