BOX OFFICE: Opening Weekend Admissions for Romanian Film Romina, VTM Surpass Avatar: The Way of Water

    Romina, VTM by Paul Răzvan Macovei Romina, VTM by Paul Răzvan Macovei credit: Cinemagia.ro

    BUCHAREST: The Romanian musical comedy Romina, VTM by Paul Răzvan Macovei had 233,208 admissions and 1.3 m EUR / 6.553.905 RON gross in its opening weekend (6 – 8 January 2023), more than Avatar: The Way of Water during its first weekend.

    Macovei’s film, which is currently topping the domestic weekly charts, had also more admissions in its opening weekend than Teambuilding, the Romanian film with the most admissions in the last 30 years in local cinemas.

    Romina, VTM was produced by Matei Dima through Vidra Productions together with Selly Media Network, and it is distributed by Vidra Productions. Matei Dima is also behind Teambuilding, which he co-directed, produced and distributed. The comedy Teambuilding was launched on Netflix on 1 January 2023 and reached number one in Romania in only two days.

    According to Cinemagia, the only local outlet providing films charts apart from the annual statistics of the Romanian Film Centre, Teambuilding had 196,737 admissions in its first weekend. The film directed by Matei Dima, Cosmin Nedelcu and Alex Coteț, which was produced and released by Vidra Productions on 30 September 2022, was surpassed by Avatar: The Way of Water as number one in the general box office and finished 2022 with 999,371 admissions and 4.78 m EUR /23,554,124 RON gross.

    Both Romina, VTM and Teambuilding are independent productions.