PRODUCTION: Ștefan Mandachi in Postproduction with Doc I Am Good Enough

    I Am Good Enough by Ștefan Mandachi I Am Good Enough by Ștefan Mandachi credit: Mandachi Films

    BUCHAREST: Romanian film director, entrepreneur and philanthropist Ștefan Mandachi is in final postproduction with his second long documentary I Am Good Enough. An independent production, the film is a diary of a concrete and metaphorical journey, generated by a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

    In an attempt to help Sebastian, an 18-year-old ill with cancer, Ștefan, a successful entrepreneur, starts a campaign aiming to present Sebastian's situation and to raise funds. During the filming period, their life paths come together for a mission beyond what they knew, during which Ștefan will begin a detailed x-ray of his need to save and to do good.

    “How can I find my peace of mind? The question haunted me for years, ever since I became aware that I am constantly agitated, stressed and wasting away, trying to save others because of my inability to save myself. In between my daily tornadoes, I felt a thrill of balance through vulnerability in front of the camera. Filming, documenting an overwhelming drama, trying to recover myself by putting all the cards on the table, meant therapy through cinema, which, who knows, may even have been healing”, Mandachi said in a statement.

    The director is producing independently through Mandachi Films with a budget of 200,000 EUR.

    The 102-minute documentary was shot in Romania and Austria from September 2020 to March 2022 during 120 days.

    I Am Good Enough is expected to be finished in January 2023 and to be released in 2023. There is no sales agent attached yet.

    Ștefan Mandachi studied Law and holds a Master's degree in Criminal Sciences. He studied film at the New York Film Academy during an intensive training course. He directed the short fiction film The Little Truth (2017), the long documentary 30 Years and 15 Minutes (2020) as well as the short film Peace Off! (2022).

    Mandachi is the founder of one of the most successful fast-food restaurant franchises in Romania and Eastern Europe. His involvement in changing the world ranges from helping the Ukrainian refugees to launching Compassion Canteens in Romania and building fountains in Africa, as well as to campaigning for more motorways in Romania, which would reduce car crash casualties.

    Production Information:

    Mandachi Films (Romania)
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    Director: Ștefan Mandachi
    Concept: Ștefan Mandachi, Roxana Maraloiu
    DoPs: Andrei Pantea, Alexandru Buliga, Ștefan Mandachi, Radu Baran, Cristiana Beșleagă, Radu Gorgos, Ioan Mandachi
    Editing: Roxana Maraloiu
    Original music: Blue C
    Additional music: Sebastian Zsemlye
    Sound design: Sebastian Zsemlye
    Foley: Alex Dragomir
    With: Ștefan Mandachi, Sebastian Băcilă, Andreea Băcilă, Matei Georgescu, Cătălin Urdoi, Ilie Cimbru Moroșan