BOX OFFICE: Avatar: The Way of Water Becomes Highest Grossing Film of All Time in Romania

    Nea Marin miliardar by Sergiu Nicolaescu Nea Marin miliardar by Sergiu Nicolaescu credit: Aarc.ro

    BUCHAREST: Avatar: The Way of Water has become the highest grossing film in Romania of all time, with 6.89 m EUR / 33,901,068 RON.

    James Cameron’s film was launched in Romania on 16 December 2022 and even though its distributor, Forum Film Romania, stopped communicating the admissions to its films in 2016, the film has already exceeded 1 m admissions, according to Cinemagia’s estimations.

    Before 1990, several Romanian films had millions of admissions, for example Sergiu Nicolaescu’s comedy Nea Marin miliardar (1979, produced Romania Film) and the historical film Mihai Viteazul (1971, Romania Film), which had 14,645,586 admissions and 13,340,304 admissions, respectively. Nevertheless, if the gross of these films was adjusted to the inflation, they would have no competitors today, Cinemagia also points out.