FESTIVALS: Transilvania IFF 2023 Announces Romanian Days Competition Selection

    Boss by Bogdan Mirică Boss by Bogdan Mirică credit: 42 Km Film

    CLUJ-NAPOCA: Nine long films (feature films and long documentaries) as well as 16 short films have been selected for the Romanian Days competition at the 22nd edition of the Transilvania IFF (TIFF, 9 – 18 June 2023).

    The competition selection of Romanian short films includes 16 titles, chosen from over 100 entries and grouped into three programmes. No fewer than 50 feature films registered for this year's Romanian Days, a record in Transilvania IFF's history.

    Three prizes will be awarded for best long film, best debut and best short film.

    Seven long films (feature films and long documentaries) will have their world premiere out of the competition.


    Men of Deeds / Oameni de treabă (Romania, Bulgaria)
    Directed by Paul Negoescu
    Produced by Tangaj ProductionPapillon Film
    Coproduced by Screening EmotionsAvanpost Production
    Supported by the Romanian Film CentreBulgarian National Film CenterCreative Europe Programme – MEDIA Slate FundingEurimagesRomanian National Television

    To the North / Spre nord (Romania, France, Greece, Bulgaria, Czech Republic)
    Directed by Mihai Mincan 
    Produced by deFilm
    Coproduced by Remora Films, Studio Bauhaus, Screening EmotionsBackground Films
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre, the Bulgarian National Film Center, the Czech Film Center

    Boss (Romania, Luxembourg, Sweden)
    Directed by Bogdan Mirică
    Produced by 42 Km Film
    Coproduced by Les Films Fauves, Filmgate Films, Film i Väst
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre (CNC), the Film Fund Luxembourg

    Day of the Tiger / Tigru (Romania, France, Greece)
    Directed by Andrei Tănase
    Produced by Domestic Film
    Coproduced by Altamar Films, Graal
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre, Aide aux Cinémas du Monde CNC - Institut français, the Greek Film Centre, ERT, Eurimages, the Creative Europe - MEDIA Sub-programme, TorinoFilmLab

    Between Revolutions / Între revoluții (Romania, Croatia, Qatar, Iran)  Documentary
    Directed by Vlad Petri   
    Produced by Activ Docs
    Coproduced by Restart
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre (CNC), the Doha Film Institute, Avanpost RomaniaChainsaw Europe StudioDacin SaraUPFAR ARGOA, the Romanian Film Institute (ICR) and the Romanian Filmmakers Union (UCIN), in collaboration with the Romanian public television (TVR)

    The Chalice. Of Sons and Daughters / Pocalul. Despre fii si fiice (Romania) Documentary
    Directed by Cătălina Tesăr and Dana Bunescu
    Produced by Cătălina Tesăr and Dana Bunescu

    Eagles from Țaga / Vulturii din Țaga (Romania, Slovakia)  Documentary
    Directed by Adina Popescu and Iulian Ghervase
    Produced by Wearebasca
    Coproduced by Two Doc, Adjust Media

    My Muslim Husband / Soțul meu musulman (Romania) Documentary
    Directed by Daniel Bărnuți and Alexandra Bărnuți
    Produced by Two Doc
    Coproduced by HBO Max, Avanpost

    Blue Planet / Planeta albastră (Romania) Documentary
    Directed by Daniel Sărăcuț
    Produced by Pro Kino Productions


    Where No Ships Go / Acolo unde bărcile nu ajung (Romania)
    Directed by Vlad Buzăianu

    Alibaba (Romania)
    Directed by Vlad Popa

    The Night Practice / Antrenamentul de noapte (Romania)
    Directed by Bogdan Alecsandru

    B 777 ADF (Romania)
    Directed by Vlăduț Iosef

    Berliner Kindl (Romania)
    Directed by Lucia Chicoș

    Sketches of Still Life / Crochiu de natură moartă (Romania)
    Directed by Vlad Popa

    Two Words, Three Lies / Două vorbe, trei minciuni (Romania)
    Directed by Ioachim Stroe

    Sentimental Education / Educație sentimental (Romania)
    Directed by Alma Buhagiar

    Our Summer Break / Exercițiu de concediu (Romania)
    Directed by Laura Ionescu

    Iorgu! (Romania)
    Directed by Matei Preda

    Between the Edges of the Day / Între marginile zilei (Romania)
    Directed by Andreea Lăcătuș

    Pink / Roz (Romania)
    Directed by Liviu Marghidan

    Sasha (Romania)
    Directed by Serghei Chiviriga

    Suruaika (Romania)
    Directed by Vlad Ilicevici, Radu C. Pop

    Whole Family / Toate neamurile (Romania)
    Directed by Alexandra Diaconu

    Venus (Romania)
    Directed by Carina-Gabriela Dașoveanu

    Out of Competition:

    Arsenie. A Miraculous Afterlife  / Arsenie. Viața de apoi (Romania, Luxembourg) Documentary, World premiere
    Directed by Alexandru Solomon
    Produced by microFILM
    Coproduced by Paul Thiltges Distribution
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre

    Refuge / Castelul Crăiței (Romania) World premiere
    Directed by Liviu Mărghidan
    Produced by Scharf Film Production
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre

    Another Two Lottery Tickets / Încă două lozuri (Romania, Spain) World premiere
    Directed by Paul Negoescu
    Produced by Actoriedefilm.ro 

    Nasty (Romania) Documentary, World premiere
    Directed by Tudor Giurgiu
    Produced by Libra Film Productions
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre

    S.B.C.R.D.F. (Romania) World premiere
    Directed by Iura Luncașu

    Tanarul dictator / The Young Dictator (Romania)
    Directed by Andi Lupu

    Last Transhumance / Ultima transhumanță (Romania) Documentary, World premiere
    Directed by Dragoș Lumpan
    Produced by FotoCabinet Association
    Coproduced by GAV
    Supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute, the National Cultural Fund Administration, GAV, Urban Spaces, Vodafone, Delaco, Free Miorita, Ferma Catean, HR Club, Creștem Idei, ABC DATA, Atelierul de grafică, Peasant Museum Bucharest, Macri Studio, Loud Studio & Videosama 

    Visul / The Dream (Romania) World premiere
    Directed by Cătălin Saizescu