BOX OFFICE: Four Domestic Titles in Romanian Top Ten 2023 with Miami Bici 2 Topping Charts

    Miami Bici 2 by Jesús del Cerro Miami Bici 2 by Jesús del Cerro credit: Vertical Entertainment

    BUCHAREST: The Romanian box office witnessed an unprecedented year in 2023 with four domestic comedies in the Top Ten, of which Miami Bici 2 by Jesús del Cerro came ahead of Barbie and Oppenheimer with 2,542,016 admissions and 2.87 m EUR /14,317,977 RON gross. Three of these four domestic titles were produced by Matei Dima through Vidra Productions.

    Although Barbie had the highest admissions of the year (622,743), it cashed in approximately 96,000 EUR less than Miami Bici 2.

    Romina, VTM by Paul-Răzvan Macovei came 5th with 360,851 admissions and 1.9 m EUR / 9,499,089 RON gross, followed by Nuntă pe bani by Cristian Iliușan on 6 with 372,016 admissions and 1.83 m EUR / 9,151,465 RON gross and Haita de acțiune by Vali Dobrogeanu on 7 with 322,873 admissions and 1.58 m EUR / 7,901,750 RON gross, according to Cinemagia.

    Miami Bici 2 was produced by WatchMe Productions and Vidra Productions, and it was released by Vertical Entertainment on 183 screens on 24 November 2023.

    Both Romina, VTM and Haita de acțiune were produced and distributed by Vidra Productions, while Nuntă pe bani was produced and distributed by Bravo Films.

    Teambuilding directed by Matei Dima, Cosmin Micutzu Nedelcu and Alex Coteț, and produced by Vidra Productions, finished the year 2022 in the second place (between Avatar: The Way of Water and Top Gun: Maverick) with 1,000,310 admissions and 4.73 m EUR / 23,576,362 RON gross, then a record for a Romanian film after 1990 in terms of box office gross.

    A second Romanian film entered the Top Ten in 2022: the comedy Mirciulică, directed by Cristian Iliușan and produced by Bravo Films, which occupied the 7th spot with 328,028 admissions and 1.65 m EUR / 8,219,341 RON gross.