Romanian BO Increased by 25.7% in 2023


    BUCHAREST: Romanian gross box office was 62 m EUR in 2023, higher by 25.7 percent than in 2022, and total admissions increased by 15.7 percent, according to official statistics published by the Romanian Film Centre (CNC).

    In 2023, total admissions were 13,020,178 compared to 11,232,999 in 2022. Admissions for domestic films increased by 33 percent (from 1,703,258 in 2022 to 2,261,626 in 2023), but more spectacular is the increase by 52 percent in admissions for European films (from 921,663 in 2022 to 1,401,835 in 2023).

    In 2023, gross box office increased from 49.3 m EUR / 246,152,420 RON  to 62 m EUR / 308,841,144 RON, as the average ticket price rose by 8.2 percent to 23.7 RON (from 21.9 in 2022).

    The admissions top ten 2023 is topped by Avatar: The Way of Water with 631,377 admissions, followed by Barbie with 618,228 admissions, the domestic comedy Miami Bici 2 directed by Jesús del Cerro and produced by Vidra Productions, with 520,437 admissions, Oppenheimer with 491,837 admissions, Fast X with 385,614 admissions, the Romanian film Nuntă pe bani directed by Cristian Iliușan and produced by Bravo Films, with 375,938 admissions, domestic comedies Romina, VTM directed by Paul-Răzvan Macovei, and Haita de acțiune by Vali Dobrogeanu (both produced by Vidra Productions) with 359,445 and 322,816 admissions, respectively, as well as The Super Mario Bros. Movie with 273,555  admissions and The Nun II with 240,869 admissions.

    The number of nationally-financed feature films made with support from the CNC remained the same as in 2022, seven, but the number of independent feature films produced rose significantly, to 17 compared to seven in 2022 and one in 2021 and 2020, each.

    In 2023, a total of 407 films were released in cinemas compared to 329 in 2022, while the number of active cinemas increased as well, from 95 to 103.

    The most important film distributor is still Ro Image 2000 with 10.81 % market share in 2023.

    Total revenues at the Cinema Public Fund increased from 10.54 m EUR / 52,536,000 RON in 2021 and 11.34 m EUR / 56,534,556 RON in 2022 to 15.8 m EUR / 78,719,870 RON in 2023.