PRODUCTION: Bojana Novaković Shoots Debut Doc The Forbidden Aunt

    The Forbidden Aunt by Bojana Novaković The Forbidden Aunt by Bojana Novaković

    BELGRADE: Serbian actress Bojana Novaković is in production with her directorial debut, the documentary The Forbidden Aunt / Zabranjena tetka. The film is a study of the actress-director’s own aunt and was supported by Film Center Serbia.

    In a world swamped with soap operas, a Serbian family proves that life is far more dramatic, frightening and stranger than fiction, as Novaković seeks to uncover the life and personality of the one family member she was never allowed to know – her bohemian, endlessly energetic aunt Gordana.

    The Forbidden Aunt by Bojana NovakovićMilan Stojanović is producing through Serbia’s Sense Production. The film has a budget of 134,500 EUR and received 25,000 EUR from Film Center Serbia.

    “What started as a video portrait of Bojana’s aunt Gordana, developed into a touching family drama and a feature documentary film, that uncovers secrets and traumas of several generations of women in one family,” said Stojanović.

    Shooting is currently underway on location in Serbia, USA and Australia with the film expected to be finished by May 2018. No distributor or sales agent is attached to the project yet. TV rights haven’t been bought yet and the premiere date has yet to be determined.

    Production Information:

    Sense Production
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    Director: Bojana Novaković
    Scriptwriter: Bojana Novaković
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