FESTIVALS: Kustendorf Film and Music Festival 2020


MEĆAVNIK: Twenty one short films mostly by young filmmakers are competing for prizes at the 13th Kustendorf Film and Music Film Festival (13-18 January 2020) in Mećavnik. The festival was established by Emir Kusturica.

A total of 722 films were submitted this year. The Italian filmmaker Paolo Virzi is presiding over the jury.

The festival will screen the Romanian/Serbian coproduction Ivana the Terrible / Ivana cea Groaznică directed by Ivana Mladenović and produced by microFILM in coproduction with Dunav 84, as well as A.S. (25) directed by Milena Grujić and produced by the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade and High Media.

Three Serbian short films are in competition this year: The Last Image of Father / Poslednja slika o ocu by Stefan Đorđević, One Who Brings the Rain / Onaj koji donosi kišu by Isidora Veselinović and the short documentary Then Comes Evening / A sada se spušta veče by Maja Novaković.

The festival is organised by The Rasta International production company and it is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Mećavnik Grad and TNSO.

Competition Programme:

Adult (Ukraine)
Directed by Zhanna Ozirna

Nowhere Under the Rainbow (France)
Directed by Régis Delicata

The Christmas Gift (Romania, Spain)
Directed by Bogdan Mureșanu

Then Comes the Evening (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Directed by Maja Novaković

Tina and Dendy (Croatia)
Directed by Hani Domazet

Documentary Movie (Poland)
Directed by  Piotr Pawlus, Katarzyna Warzecha

Home Far Away (Bulgaria)
Directed by Dimitar Kutmanov

One Who Brings the Rain (Serbia)
Directed by Isidora Veselinović

Sunday (Hungary)
Directed by Andor Berenyi

The Carp Pond (China)
Directed by Yang Guomin

Afterlife (Russia)
Directed by Pavel Ruzyak

Beef (Spain)
Directed by Ingride Santos

Plan C (Poland)
Directed by Sylwia Rosak

Regression (China)
Directed by Zuo Aiping

The Other (Iran, India)
Directed by Saman Hoseinpuor, Ako Zandkarimi (aka Samko Brothers)

Third Look (Israel)
Directed by Efrat Rasner Shefa

All the Cats Are Grey in the Dark (Switzerland)
Directed by Lasse Linder

Havana, Cuba (Romania)
Directed by Andrei Huțuleac

Lake of Happiness (Belarus)
Directed by Aliaksei Paluyan

Meatgrinder (Russia)
Directed by Vladislav Bakhanovich

The Last Image of Father (Serbia)
Directed by Stefan Đorđević