ACE Producers Goes to Belgrade


    BELGRADE: The Serbian capital city is currently hosting the ACE 30 Financing Strategies Workshop organised by the Amsterdam-based ACE Producers. The event is supported by Film Center Serbia and takes place 7-12 June 2021.

    The core of the workshop is made up of interactive sessions exploring international financing opportunities and strategies through detailed analysis of producers’ finance plans.

    The producers who are attending the event include Marta Lewandowska from the Friends with Benefits Studio (Poland), Joanna Szymańska from Shipsboy (Poland), Evelin Penttilä from Stellar Film, Radim Prochazka from Kuli Film (Czech Republic), Marija Razgutė from M-FILMS (Lithuania) and Milan Stojanovic from Sense Production (Serbia).

    The Romanian producer Ada Solomon is among the 22 consultants attending the event online or offline.