FESTIVALS: The 56 Film Encounters Festival in Niš Presents Four National Premieres

    NIŠ FORTRES during the festival NIŠ FORTRES during the festival Zoran Janković

    BELGRADE: The 56 edition of the Film Encounters Festival / Filmski susreti is currently running in the city of Niš from 21 to 27 August 2021. The oldest feature film festival in Serbia has focused from the beginning solely on acting performances in national feature films and it showcases four national premieres this year.

    The films that will meet Serbian audience for the first time are: Toma by Dragan Bjelogrlić, Don’t Bet on the Brits / Ne igraj na Engleze by Slobodan D. Pešić, Aleksandar od Jugoslavije by Zdravko Šotra and  Bullets in Marseilles / Pucnji u Marseju by Gordan Matić.

    The festival will close with the screening out of competition at the Summer Stage of the Niš fortress of the two first episodes of the new documentary/fiction TV series Defendent / Branilac, directed by Jelena Svetličić and coproduced by RTS and Up and Up, as well as of the biopic doc Big Time Actor / Glumčina, directed by Vladimir Ristić and produced by City Produkcija.

    The festival is organised by the Culture Center of Niš.


    Toma (Serbia)
    Directed by Dragan Bjelogrlić
    Co-directed by Zoran Lisinac
    Produced by Cobra Film and Minakord
    Supported by Film Center Serbia

    Don’t Bet on the Brits / Ne igraj na Engleze (Serbia)
    Directed by Slobodan D. Pešić
    Produced by Eden Rock Production

    Aleksandar od Jugoslavije (Serbia)
    Directed by Zdravko Šotra
    Produced by United Media

    Bullets in Marseilles / Pucnji u Marseju (Serbia)
    Directed by Gordan Matić
    Produced by Re-Kreativno dud, Krupni plan
    Supported by Film Center Serbia, the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia

    Bad Blood / Nečista krv – Greh predaka (Serbia)
    Directed by Milutin Petrović
    Produced by This and That Productions
    Supported by Film Center Serbia, MEDIA Creative Europe

    Living Man / Živ čovek (Serbia, Germany, Bulgaria)
    Directed by Oleg Novković
    Produced by Produkcija SALT
    Coproduced by Ostlicht filmproduktion GmbH and The Chouchkov Brothers
    Supported by Film Center Serbia, the Bulgarian National Film Center

    Lihvar / Loan Shark (Serbia)
    Directed by Nemanja Ćeranić
    Produced by Tracktor Film

    The Only Way Out / Jedini izlaz (Serbia)
    Directed by Darko Nikolić
    Produced by Stanković & sinovi, Telekom Srbija

    Oasis / Oaza (Serbia, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France)
    Directed by Ivan Ikić
    Produced by SENSE Production
    Coproduced by Kepler Film (NL), Tramal Films (SL), SCCA / Pro.ba (BH), Les Films d’Antoine (FR)
    Supported by Film Center Serbia, the Slovenian Film Center, the Netherlands Film Fund, the Sarajevo Cinema Fund, MEDIA Creative Europe and Eurimages

    Vikend sa ćaletom / Weekend With Pop (Serbia)
    Directed by Miroslav Momčilović
    Produced by Brigada, United Media

    Get the Sky / Dohvati nebo (Montenegro)
    Directed by Milutin Darić Daka
    Produced by Podtun
    Supported by Film Center Montenegro