Darko Lungulov’s 1970 Receives Support from Luxembourg Film Fund


    BELGRADE: The coming-of-age drama 1970 directed by Serbian director Darko Lungulov received production support of 200,000 EUR from Film Fund Luxembourg. The film is a coproduction between Serbia, Hungary, Croatia and Luxembourg.

    While spending the summer vacation at his grandparents' in the countryside, fourteen year old Draško accidentally learns that his parents are planning to leave him there until they figure out their problematic marriage. Devastated, Drasko runs away with a local hippy girl to protest Nixon's 1970 visit to Belgrade.

    “This is my intimate story and it takes place in 1970, when having divorced parents was something that stigmatised you. It’s about growing up, the maturing of both the children and the adults. Also, I always wanted to portrait Yugoslavia's ‘golden age’. In my story, the utopia of the 1970s Socialist Yugoslavia intertwines with the hippy culture utopia”, the director says in a statement.

    The film produced by Serbia’s Papa Films and This and That in coproduction with Andromeda Films (Hungary), PomPom Film (Croatia) and Samsa Film (Luxembourg) was already backed by Film Center Serbia, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, Vojvodina Film Fund, Creative Europe MEDIA, the Croatian Audiovisual Centre and the National Film Institute – Hungary.