PRODUCTION: Immortalitas in Postproduction

By Dominika Uhríková

    BRATISLAVA: Young Slovak director Erik Bosnak is finishing post-production on his debut feature, Immortalitas, the first Slovak 3D sci-fi film. It will be ready for release by September 2011.

    Combining elements of sci-fi and fantasy, the movie follows Adam, who is roaming alone across the Earth destroyed by wars and dominated by artificial intelligence in search for fellow souls to be saved.

    With a budget of €10,000 and produced by Bošnák's own E.B. Production (www.immortalitasmovie.com), the film has so far received no public support, but the authors plan to apply for funding from the Audiovisual Slovak Fund (www.avf.sk) once the film is completed.

    "The production has been financed by private donors, and almost all those involved in the project have volunteered without any kind of financial compensation," Bošnák, who is still a student at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, told FNE. He added that he estimates the film's real worth at €1,400,000.

    Apart from being the first Slovak sci-fi movie, Immortalitas will also have the honour of being the first 3D film ever produced in Slovakia. Initially, it was the big-screen version that was supposed to be in 3D, but after certain technical problems occurred the director decided to only release the 3D version on DVD.

    Starring, among others, Karol Csino (Return of the Storks) and Pavel Višňovský (Hazard), the film was shot over 40 days during March through June 2010. The 3D conversion is currently being finalised at the Russia-based ФД (FD) Prime Studio.

    "We met the representatives of the studio while we were working on motion capture in Kiev, Ukraine. They were very impressed by what we had done and immediately offered to help us," Bošnák explained.

    The 90-minute Immortalitas will be distributed by Film Europe (www.filmeurope.sk).

    Contact information:

    E.B. Production

    Ďumbierska 6871/14

    080 01 Prešov, Slovakia

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