PRODUCTION: Angels in Postproduction

By Dominika Uhríková

    BRATISLAVA: Slovak director Róbert Šveda (Demons) is in post-production with his second full-length feature, Angels, due for completion and release in autumn 2011.

    The news came as a surprise. For the past few years, Šveda has been developing another feature, Former People, which has received a considerable attention in the media, being inspired by authentic events related to one of Czechoslovakia's cruellest female murderers.

    Unlike Former People, budgeted at €1,700,000, the new film, which recounts the last days of a homosexual theatre actor, is an ultra-low-budget piece, and the producers only began publicizing it after the 12-day June 2011 shoot was finished.

    "The film was largely spontaneous, and the script therefore underwent numerous rewrites directly on the set," Šveda told FNE. "I don't think this is a disadvantage, though; for me, films are living organisms, and I think their life should continue beyond the stage of scriptwriting."

    Produced by D.N.A. Production (www.dnaproduction.sk) and featuring performances by Elena Podzámska (Rose Garden Clinic), Kristína Farkašová (Walking Too Fast) and director Peter Bebjak (dir. Apricot Island), Angels - one of Slovakia's first gay-themed movie, as Šveda explained - has not received any public support, but the authors "will certainly apply for state funding," he stated, adding that the budget has not yet been finalised.


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