Slovak 2021 Admissions Lowest Since 1993

    Kino Lumière, Bratislava Kino Lumière, Bratislava credit: SITA

    BRATISLAVA: Total admissions in Slovakia reached 2,037,942 in 2021, with a decrease of 13.82% compared to 2020. It is the lowest number of admissions since 1993. The total gross was 12,351,764 EUR, with a decrease of 11.56% compared to 2020.

    Despite the fact that the number of Slovak premieres in cinemas increased by 50%, the attendance for Slovak titles fell by as much as 73.76% to 203,452 admissions, compared to 775,487 in 2020, according to the Union of Slovak Film Distributors.

    A total of 30 domestic films (16 documentaries, 13 feature films and one animated film) were distributed in Slovakia in 2021, an increase of 50% compared to 2020. Six of them were 100% Slovak productions, 10 were majority coproductions, and there were 14 minority coproductions.

    The cinema screenings dropped only by 0.76% from 98,714 in 2020 to 97,962 in 2021, but the average admissions dropped by 13.16% from 23.96 visitors at one screeening in 2020 to 20.8 visitors in 2021.

    In total, cinemas had to be closed for 173 days in 2021, compared to 116 days in 2020.