Peter Badač Appointed as Head of Slovak Audiovisual Fund


    BRATISLAVA: Slovak producer Peter Badač was elected by the board of the Slovak Audiovisual Fund as the new director of the Slovak Audiovisual Fund after the public hearing of four candidates on 18 January 2023. He will replace Martin Šmatlák, who has led the fund since its inception in 2009.

    Peter Badač, who was elected for a five-year term, studied production at FAMU in Prague and received his PhD degree at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. He is a member of the Czech Film and Television Academy and the European Film Academy.

    With his production company BFILM he produced films such as Nightsiren / Svetlonoc by Tereza Nvotová, coproduced by moloko film, Yourland / Tvoja zem by Peter Budinský, in coproduction with Plutoon, THE PACK Belgium, BFILM.cz and the Radio and Television Slovakia, and Filthy / Špina by Tereza Nvotová, in coproduction  moloko film, FAMU, RTVS, Magiclab and Sleepwalker.