BOX OFFICE: Admissions in Slovakia Increased by 112.73 Percent in 2022

    And a Happy New Year 2 by Jakub Kroner And a Happy New Year 2 by Jakub Kroner source: Šťastný Nový Rok film Facebook

    BRATISLAVA: Total admissions in Slovak cinemas increased by 112.73% in 2022 and admissions to domestic films increased from 201,629 in 2021 to 552,409 in 2022, according to the Union of the Slovak Distributors.

    A total of 48 domestic films, 27 feature films, 18 documentaries (including one documentary series) and 3 animated films, premiered in Slovakia in 2022, an increase of 60% compared to 2021. Twelve of them were 100% Slovak productions, 15 were majority coproductions and 21 were minority coproductions.

    The total gross was 27,985,001 EUR for 190,261 screenings, which is a 126% increase compared to 2021.

    Total admissions in 2022 were 4,335,250. This is a significant increase compared to 2,037,942 in 2021 and 2,364,814 in 2020. However, compared to 2019, which was not yet affected by closed cinemas and other measures against the spread of COVID-19, it is a 33.60% drop in admissions.

    Minions: The Rise of Gru (293,466 admissions), Avatar – The Way of Water (220,783 admissions) and the Slovak comedy And a Happy New Year 2 / Šťastný nový rok 2: Dobro došli (539,969 admissions) by Jakub Kroner, produced by INOUT Studio, were the three most popular films in Slovak cinemas in 2022.

    Another Slovak title which made it into the annual TOP 10 was Till the Summer Comes / V lete ti poviem, ako sa mám  by Marta Ferencová, produced by NUNEZ NFE in coproduction with TRINITY PICTURES, with 125,478 admissions. Both titles were distributed by Continental Film.