FESTIVALS: IFF Febiofest Bratislava 2023 Extends Competition Section

    She-Hero Mimi by Mira Fornay She-Hero Mimi by Mira Fornay credit: MIRAFOX

    BRATISLAVA: In addition to the usual 20 short films from neighbouring countries, the In the Heart of Europe competition section of the 30th International Film Festival Febiofest Bratislava will add for the first time a long films competition with 10 fiction, animated, documentary and experimental films. The festival will take place 15 – 19 March 2023.

    In the Heart of Europe refers to films from V4 countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland) together with films from Austria and Ukraine.

    Slovak films that had their world premieres at international festivals, such as She – Hero / Mimi by Mira Fornay, which was awarded the Grand Prix of the Generation Kplus International Jury for Best Film, Notes from Eremocene by Viera Čákanyová, which also premiered at the 73rd IFF Berlin, and The Shift / Turnus by Jaro Vojtek, produced by Punkchart films in coproduction with RTVS, which premiered at the 27th IDFF Jihlava, will have domestic premieres at Febiofest.

    The Industry Programme – Works in Progress, a presentation of 10 new Slovak film projects in different stages of production, is scheduled for 15 – 18 March 2023.

    The festival is organised by the Association of Slovak Film Clubs, co-organised by the Slovak Film Institute and supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund.

    In the Heart of Europe Competition Section – Short Films:

    Vox populi / Hlas lidu (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Josef Švejda

    Einstand (Hungary)
    Directed by Levente Kölcsey

    The Diaper Cake / Peľuškovyj tort (Ukraine)
    Directed by Anastasija Babenko

    Revelation of John / Zjavenie Jána (Slovakia)
    Directed by Andrej Kolenčík

    Asterión (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
    Directed by Francesco Montagner

    Lesser of Two Evils / A kisebbik rossz (Hungary)
    Directed by Máté Horesnyi

    Staging Death (Austria, Germany)
    Directed by Jan Soldat

    I’m Opening the Door and I Don’t Know What’s Wrong / Otváram dvere a neviem čo sa s nimi deje pomaly vŕzgajú oči sa dívajú (Slovakia)
    Directed by Kristián Grupač

    Affricate (Hungary)
    Directed by Anna Gyimesi

    Liturgy of Anti-Tank Obstacles / Liturgija protytankovych pereškod (USA, Ukraine)
    Directed by Dmytro Sucholytkyj-Sobčuk

    The Other End of the Street / Az utca másik vége (Austria, Hungary)
    Directed by Kálmán Nagy

    We Have to Survive: Fukushima! / Musíme prežiť: Fukushima! (Slovakia)
    Directed by Tomáš Krúpa

    Opus Magnum (Poland)
    Directed by Aleksander Makowski

    Followers: Live Shooting/ Followers: Odpalaj lajwa (Poland)
    Directed by Jakub Radej

    Fearkingdom (Germany)
    Directed by Linn Löffler, Kornél Szilágyi

    Strigov (Slovakia)
    Directed by Barbora Berezňáková

    Everythingʼs Fine, Potatoes in Line / Wszystko w Porządku, Ziemniaki w Żołądku (Poland, Czech Republic)
    Directed by Piotr Jasiński

    It is Quiet Here / Poky tut tycho (Ukraine, Germany)
    Olena Podolyanko, Novruz Hikmet

    Hardly Working (Austria)
    Directed by Total Refusal (Susanna Flock, Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner, Michael Stumpf)

    The Fence / Płot (Poland)
    Directed by Tomasz Wolski

    In the Heart of Europe Competition Section – Long Films:

    Art Talent Show / Zkouška umění (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Adéla Komrzý, Tomáš Bojar
    Produced by.GPO Platform
    Coproduced by the Czech Television, the Academy of Fine Arts Prague
    Supported by the Czech Film Fund

    The Mysterious Affair at Styles / A titokzatos stylesi eset (Hungary)
    Directed by Péter Lichter

    Notes from Eremocene / Poznámky z Eremocénu (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
    Directed by Viera Čákanyová
    Produced by guča films
    Coproduced by Marina films
    Supported by the Slovak Audiovisual FundRTVS (Radio and Television Slovakia), the Bratislava Region

    Bread and Salt / Chleb i sól (Poland)
    Directed by Damian Kocur
    Produced by Munk Studio
    Coproduced by Silesia Film, Kivi, King House Michał Sadowski, Exa Studio
    Supported by CANAL+ Polska, the Polish Film Institute

    Who We Wanted to Be/ Wer wir einmal sein wollten (Austria)
    Directed by Ozgur Anil

    La Palisiada (Ukraine)
    Directed by Philip Sotnychenko

    Butterfly Vision / Bačenňa metelyka (Ukraine, Czech Republic, Croatia)
    Produced by Tabor Production
    Coproduced by 4 film d.o.o. MasterFilm, Sisyfos Film Production
    Supported by the Ukrainian State Film Agency, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, Eurimages, the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC), the Swedish Film Institute, the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and Ukrainian Institute, the Czech Film Fund

    Escape to the Silver Globe / Ucieczka na srebrny glob (Poland)
    Directed by Jakub Mikurda
    Produced by Silver Frame
    Supported by the Polish Film Institute

    Eastern Front / Shidniy front (Latvia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, USA)
    Directed by Vitaly Mansky, Yevhen Titarenko
    Produced by Film Studio Vertov
    Coproduced by Hypermarket Film
    Supported by the National Film Centre of Latvia, the Czech Film Fund

    She – Hero / Mimi (Slovakia)
    Directed by Mira Fornay
    Produced by MIRAFOX
    Coproduced by RTVS
    Supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Bratislava City Foundation