PRODUCTION: Jaro Vojtek in Postproduction with New Documentary

    The Third End of the Stick by Jaro Vojtek shooting The Third End of the Stick by Jaro Vojtek shooting credit: 500 civil association

    BRATISLAVA: The acclaimed Slovak director Jaro Vojtek is currently in postproduction with his new documentary The Third End of the Stick / Tretí koniec palice. The  film is produced by 500 civil association and coproduced by RTVS.

    The film captures four stories from Roma settlements in Slovakia. Each of the characters is different from the already minority community in which they live. We follow the daily struggle for a dignified life in a story about desire, fulfillment in love and the courage to not be afraid to talk about your identity.

    „The film is dedicated to all those who are not indifferent to anyone's fate, who are looking for a way of connection, not division, who think more about others than themselves, who give more than they take, who do not judge, but try to understand each other. With their approach, they make the world more beautiful day by day and show a way to others who have not yet understood that the sun shines on everyone, regardless of who and where you are,“ producer Juraj Baláž told FNE.

    The total of 22 shooting days took place in the Roma settlement Richnava in Slovakia from January 2021 until January 2023.

    „We are currently working on image postproduction. Sound postproduction is planned for March and April, and the completion of the film is planned for May 2023,“ Juraj Baláž also said.

    The film is supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, RTVS and KULTMINOR.

    Production Information:

    500 civil association (Slovakia)
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    The Third End of the Stick by Jaro Vojtek, credit: Ivo MikoCoproducer:
    RTVS (Slovakia)

    Director: Jaroslav Vojtek
    Story: Jaroslav Vojtek
    Screenplay: Marek Leščák
    DOP: Ivan Miko
    Edit: Radoslav Dúbravský
    Sound: Martin Dzurňák